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Planning and Project Management

Avance metas marzo de 2015 


Crucially important objectives for 2015

    • MCI 1: To consolidate Computadores para Educar as a comprehensive, connected, sustainable and efficient strategy that, with the ICT could transform Colombia into a more educated country. 

    • MCI 2

      To create a Diploma on educational teaching of ICT for 40.000 teachers of public education institutions and to train 140.000 parents in the ICT School for Family Parents.
    • MCI 3: To provide more than 500.000 terminals to be used in more than 8.000 public education institutions, its teachers and its education community.
    • MCI 4: To re-take and de-manufacture 12.000 obsolete computers from education institutions for the preservation of the environment.
Ministerio de Educación Ministerio TIC Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA Computadores para Educar Todos por un nuevo país