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Reynel Fernando Bedoya Rodríguez Director de Computadores para Educar

Director profile

Reynel Fernando Bedoya Rodríguez

The Chief Executive Officer of Computadores para Educar is an Electronic Engineer bearing specialties in Projects and Negotiations Management. He has worked within the public sector in health, housing and the CIT´s sectors.  Since 2014 and up to April 2015, he performed as adviser to the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry. 


Since May 2015, as director of the Program he has contributed to social equality by delivering ICT´s tools and training to students and teachers across the municipalities of the country for the learning and teaching in classrooms, together with a social responsibility strategy; this is done by reusing obsolete computing equipment. Likewise he has broadened the social mission of the entity promoting internationalization, regional alliances and a wining coordination with different entities and projects promoting using and acknowledging ICTs.




With his experience the initiation of the Plan Vive Digital (Live Digital Plan) for people was set up, thanks to his knowledge in subjects such as connectivity, promotion and technologies appropriation.