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Equipos de trabajo

Work Team

Planning and Development Management


The Planning and Development defines the key guidelines in “Computadores para Educar” within the strategic framework set by the Board members and the Executive Board, to contribute to the achievement of program objectives and generate more smiles on our children. It is responsible for planning actions, managing the budget, monitoring the implementation and articulating ideas within the program and with other entities.



Educational Area


This group leads the mission of “Computers for Schools”, helping to improve the quality of education by training teachers, public officers and parents in the educational use and development of ICT, developing teaching and learning skills in the   offices that benefit from the Program.



Electronic Waste Management


The area of ​​Electronic Waste Management of “Computers for Schools” contributes to environment preservation through the use and proper management of computer waste.



Tablets for Schools


The Tablet team streamlines access to better education based on regional educational projects with mobile devices.



Customer service


We cover the needs and expectations of users and beneficiaries of “Computers for Schools”, providing contact channels and qualified staff for a timely and quality service.



Maintenance Management


The Maintenance Management process is responsible for extending the useful life of the equipment found in the targeted sites through the service of preventive and corrective maintenance with qualified personnel.





The area of ​​Communication disseminates the social impact of “Computadores para Educar” for their diverse stakeholders.


Likewise it, advises, develops and implements the communications strategy in order to contribute to its consolidation as a Social Program that helps to create opportunities for children in Colombia.



IT Managment 


It is a support process that helps other processes to reach crucially important goals defined by Executive Board. 

This is done by providing technological tools prior request of the other processes, either acquiring them or developing them internally to facilitate tasks in an efficient manner, getting more control and providing appropriate numbers for decision making.


Internal Control

This group preserves the proper and effective administration of resources and ensured through an adequate assessment and follow up of management, achieving efficiency and effectiveness of actions of “Computers for Schools”.


Monitoring and evaluation


In Monitoring and Evaluation we compile and generate information of the activities of "Computers for Schools" ; starting from a socio-economic assessment and the identification of trends in the development, usage and appropriation of ICT in the educational environment looking to provide continuous improvement strategies.



Production Area


This area is responsible for the acquisition, by bidding processes, the terminals and devices, which will be delivered by the Program to the public educational centers of the country, according to the specifications set by the “Computers for Schools”.



Management of Beneficiary Institutions


Sets the selection of educational venues that will be benefited by “Computadores for Schools”, the Strategy of the Program has been established with the local authorities, to ensure the delivery and installation of the terminals in the target sites. This ensures that computers and other technological elements equipped, are installed and in good working condition.



Administrative and Financial Management


This process analyzes and evaluates the financial impact of the program, properly managing the financial resources and other assets required to operate the Program



Legal Area


It is responsible for representing the program in legal matters that are initiated for or are claimed against him in defense of the interests of the institution.



Human talent management


Is responsible for being a support in the building of a culture according to the guidelines of generating development spaces for all those who intervene in the productive and management processes.