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Computadores para Educar through educational innovation, strengthens the people that transform the society!

Computadores para Educar brochure content 2017

The United Nations Development Program asserts that investing in education safeguards the development of a country, because higher quality education, decreases poverty.


So was the understanding of the Government of Colombia in 2000, when creating Computadores para Educar as a state initiative to support basic and secondary education with technology. Since that date, this association of public entities (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, Ministry of National Education and National Service of Learning-SENA-) has evolved, moving from the delivery of refurbished computers to the delivery of brand new laptops and tablets, with robust technical specifications and digital educational contents, incorporating in 2004 the training to teachers, and in 2007 the environmental management with the recovery and utilization of electronic waste.


Nowadays, Colombia works to become the most educated nation by 2025. Supported by the formula education + appropriate use of ICT, it is reinforcing students' learning as it generates incentives. Contents are presented in a dynamic, interactive and user-friendly way, enriching the knowledge children and young people require to face the problems of today's world, and generating opportunities for development in educational communities all over the country. This is confirmed by the study of the National Consultancy Center (2015), which concludes that after one year of usage and teacher training, the educational institutions that are benefiting from Computadores para Educar improve their outcomes.


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