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The game to the classroom: Yaku, “a water adventure.”

The game to the classroom: Yaku, “a water adventure.”

Yaku aventura, a video game whose development was led by the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombia, Cosude and Insitu Corporation.

Bogotá, December 15th, 2016. Yaku Aventura (Yaku Adventure), the video game whose development was led by the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombia, COSUDE and INSITU Corporation, is now available on the Content platform of Computadores para Educar program, with the aim to bring the environmental topic in an educational and entertaining manner to public schools in Colombia.

A water adventure.

More than 160,000 devices of Computadores para Educar has Yaku Aventura, a game of strategy that emphasizes, in a playful manner, the relationship between water, ecosystems, and human activities. The students and teachers from Bojacá, Turbaco, Bogotá, Cali, Neiva, and Pitalito were motivated through workshops, in a pedagogical campaign that lasted two months (September and October) and conducted by members of the developing team of Yaku Aventura. The workshops were also held in events such as Colombia 3.0 and Educa Digital.

“The main goal of Yaku Aventura is to bring clean and living water to the sea, a goal consistent with the environmental sustainability efforts of our Program and guidelines of the Ministry of National Education”, said Fernando Bedoya, Executive Director of Computadores para Educar.

Yaku Aventura is the result of a more than 3-year effort of the Water Global Program of the Embassy of Switzerland – COSUDE. Also, it is available at, Google Play and App Store.

How to play Yaku Aventura?

The Ministry of National Education considered Yaku Aventura within the cross-contents of the environment and included a list of pedagogical activities to guide the teacher in the use of the game in the classroom.

The game consists of 4 levels to be completed, distributed by ecosystems: the páramo, the wetland, the Andean forest and the tropical forest. There are 17 missions with tools to enrich an ecosystem, that is, to obtain water and see the needs and gains of the actions. Yaku Aventura is game to play and learn by playing.