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Additional to providing computer equipment to educational institutions, libraries and houses of culture, Computadores para Educar has the strategy of educational innovation and use of ICT for learning —ETIC@—, as a major axis to contribute to the improvement of the educational quality and reduction of social and regional divides in the country.

In this way, training is part of the comprehensive benefit that Computadores para Educar offers to teachers, directors, librarians, cultural house officers and parents linked to beneficiary educational centers of the Program, as key allies and multipliers of best practices for social transformation.

The strategy of educational innovation and use of ICTs for learning —ETIC@— is a commitment to accompany and favor the development of skills and initiatives that allow any official educational establishment, whether rural or urban, to strengthen its capacities to provide, with the support of ICTs, a quality education that responds to expectations and demands of the present society.

With this, the program contributes to the development of both technical and technological competences, as well as pedagogical, communicative, evaluative and attitude skills, using as reference the Teaching Training Route of the Ministry of National Education and the guidelines for teacher training in ICTs set forth by UNESCO between 2008 and 2011.


Educational training offer  —ETIC@—

It is a training strategy endorsed by the Ministry of National Education and Computadores para Educar program of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC).